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Beginner's Guide

Are you a Beginner ?

Do you want to learn Stenography ?  OR  Do you already know how to write in Shorthand but have been facing difficulty in developing your speed  ??   


Have you tried a hundreds and hundreds of time but still haven’t found the right method that could help you learn stenography easily or could help gain your writing speed if you already know how to write in SHORTHAND ??                 


Are you totally frustrated after several failures  and feel like giving up ??

No  need  to  worry !!  You are at the right place !!

Shorthandly was founded only for the people like you, people who are passionate about Stenography but don't know where to start or people who doubt themselves whether they be able to make it or not as they don't know which path to follow. This platform provides you Shorthand Course  with seamless collection of videos along with dictations that you can engage in at the comfort of your home at your pace.

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